December 16, 2016

Getting started with Nerves; embedded elixir on Raspberry Pi 3

Why elixir for an embedded device? Elixir treats binary as a data type. Sending a binary stream to a device can be trivial and elegant. Pretend that we have a device that requires 17 bits per message (like a MCP3008 analog input). We can send a start bit, followed by a mode bit, then 3 bits for sensor id, then 12 bits of empty bits, in a very succinct way1: ... Read more

August 22, 2016

Why I have two Dockerfiles for the same project

My phoenix-based project uses two Dockerfiles. There is one for local development and CI and another one for production. Ideally I would want one Dockerfile; use the same image for local and production. But ease of development is also important. ... Read more

August 18, 2016

Using docker-compose & mysql with CircleCI

My Elixir/Phoenix application uses docker-compose and mysql. I decided on CircleCI for continuous-integration (CI) for its free container support. There were a few problems making it all run inside the CircleCI container environment. ... Read more

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